Sign the PCALI Petition – Keep Kids Safe – Make sure our schools hire LICENSED Plumbers

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Did you know that when gas pipe work needs to be installed or fixed in your children’s school the plumber doing that work does not need to have a license? You think how can that be, but it is true.

Since 2010, PCALI has been working on the issue of unlicensed plumbers being able to do work in our schools.  The New York State Legislature has passed a statewide bill to make it a requirement as well as a bill to make it a requirement for just Nassau and Suffolk counties.  The last two Governors have vetoed the bill due to an overreaction by the Department of Education that they believe licensed plumbers will increase costs to local school districts which is inaccurate. Plumbing and gas work requires great skill and knowledge in order to guarantee that it is done in a competent and safe fashion.  The last place an unlicensed plumber should be working is in our schools.

PCALI has decided to take this campaign local.  Beginning in October, our members will be working through local PTA organizations and school board members to convince school administrators that requiring licensed plumbers to do their work will not only save them money but it will make their buildings and their students and staff safe.

We are requesting support from our local officials for this effort by passing a resolution or writing a letter in support.

Having unlicensed plumbers work in our schools is putting our children in danger. Sign the petition today to make your voice heard to New York State Legislators to fix this issue before tragedy strikes.

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