Plumbing Contractors Association of Long Island Launches “Safety in Schools” Awareness Campaign

Plumbing Contractors Association of Long Island Launches “Safety in Schools” Awareness Campaign

Unlicensed Plumbers are Handling Dangerous Gas Pipe Installations in Local Schools

(North Babylon – New York)  The Plumbing Contractors Association of Long Island (PCALI) launched an awareness campaign aimed to bring attention to the surprising issue that unlicensed plumbers are permitted to work in local schools. Why is this significant? Because plumbers are the professionals who install, maintain and repair gas piping which is an extremely dangerous job. One slight mishap and you will have a gas explosion. This is unacceptable that schools would allow such work to be performed by an unlicensed plumber.

Homeowners are required to use a licensed plumber. But not schools.

Licensed plumbers have mandatory training, develop product knowledge, have liability insurance and must have their work reviewed by a municipal plumbing inspector. This keeps people safe – but our kids and teachers are put at risk.

Sal Romano, PCALI’s President says, “It is unimaginable that a school district would allow unlicensed plumbers to handle gas and pipe work. We want to make sure parents, grandparents and our neighbors all know this is going on – before we have a tragedy strike.”

“We need to make sure our teachers and the entire school staff is safe at all times. We need to bring attention to this important issue”, adds Jim Penny, PCALI’s Vice President.

The way the issue can get corrected is that New York State passes a law that requires school districts on Long Island hire licensed plumbers. The hired plumbing contractor can hold a licensed from any municipality, not just one from that local jurisdiction.

PCALI estimates that this would be cost neutral to the school district. Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor does not cost more.

Ryan Truncali, PCALI’s Financial Secretary says, “I have kids in school. It pains me to know that a contractor with no training can be working on gas lines in the school. It’s time to be proactive.”

Jim Russo, PCALI’s Recording Secretary says, “It is imperative that our Governor, State Senators and State Assemblymembers understand the danger of having an unlicensed plumber work in the school poses”.


PCALI has produced a web video and a petition to generate support for this cause. You can view the video at the organization’s website or follow this link: